Premium natural quartz surfaces, Radianz

Radianz is a high quality interior material of vacuum compression molding which can be expressed in various colors without natural stone, with high strength, luxurious texture and sophistication as the main component of 99.9% high purity natural quartz. It has excellent scratch resistance, durability and stain resistance, and is applied to flooring, interior walls, top-quality kitchen tops, bathroom, and art wall. Comparison of Radianz and Natural Stone Radianz is a product that improves the physical properties based on technical know-how while maintaining the texture and color of natural stone.

Reliable management

  • Excellent product management by professionals
  • Perfect service through 15 years of warranty (commercial facilities)
  • Stable product, certified in various fields including SCS eco-friendly certification

Eco-friendly solutions

  • SCS, Green-Guard, LEED certified for its eco-friendliness
  • Radianz that uses recycled products for future environment

Excellent durability

  • Certified Class A Fire rated
  • Scratch resistance and strong to physical impacts

Various colors and patterns

  • Directional patterns of natural beauty
  • Various patterns and colors

Global network

  • 6 offices around the continents with around 180 distribution networks
  • Cooperation with world’s famous global partners